Covid safety. I make sure i wash my hands regularly and i use hand sanitizer, along with wearing a mask at all times while with clients. Clients should also wash there hands before and after sessions. I do sanitize my equipment between clients and limit touching to the bare minimum.

Sport has always played a big part in my life. Staying healthy and strong enables you to live life to the full and engages a healthy mind. Clients have told me that my training sessions not only make them look and feel incredible but help them focus at work and in their daily life giving them greater confidence and energy. My sessions have a long term goal. Yes, you will lose weight and tone up and you will become addicted to how good it feels. My experience spans many types of activities from martial arts (Muay Thai, Kung Fu training in Beijing with a Master, Jujitsu and Capoeira), trampolining, skiing, snowboarding, bare back riding in training to be a stunt man, rock climbing, football and other team sports... Tel: 0786 647 7152

Things I Can Do

SPECIALITES: Core Training, Weight Loss Management and Toning, HIIT Training, Circuit Training, Calisthenics (body weight), Strength Training, Kettle Bells, Injury Recovery, Techniques in Breathing and Movement, Animal flow, Nutritional Advice.

A Few Accomplishments

"I always wondered why people travel on holiday with their personal trainers and become so obsessed with fitness. Since training with Francis I understand. I'm an extremely busy person yet my training sessions are never rescheduled. Getting fit has been challenging yet Francis has helped me to achieve it in a fun way. I don't think there is any going back now."